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The Japan Foreign Book Association has five organizations: the Board of Directors, the General Affairs Committee, the Cultural Welfare Committee, the Media / Public Relations Committee, and the Business Committee.

In the newsletter, in addition to the annual general meeting report and the irregularly held board meeting report, the activities of each committee are reported. Specifically, we publish reports on various seminars, participation in events such as foreign book festivals, and reports on movies and paintings that were planned to promote friendship among members.

There are also essays such as "My Company / My Town" that introduces the companies that are members of the association and the city where the company is located, and "My Workplace" that introduces the company and the work that I am doing. It is serialized irregularly.

In addition, "Overseas News" and information on the foreign book industry are posted at any time.

Japan Foreign Book Association ​ Bulletin Archive

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Japan Foreign Books Association JAIP Directory Archive

JAIP Directory is a member list of companies that are currently members of the Japan Foreign Books Association. Here, the past Directory is published as a document. Unauthorized reproduction of the list posted here is prohibited.

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